Maintenance and development

Online store functional and visual identity improvements is an online store, a family winery and the continuity of family traditions. It offers its customers to enjoy the classic and unique southern French wine. The company’s homepage shows the story of the family business, its importance and the added value. You are able to buy a bottle of wine, box, or subscribe to regular wine shipments from the manufacturer.

Project and client description

Garmance is the wine produces based in London, that provides wine subscription services to its clients. Project has constant design improvements and new page development and deployment.


  • Limited payment solution
  • Non responsive web design
  • Limited e-commerce and marketing possibilities
  • Complicated check-out process


  • New web design development
  • Responsive web design deployment
  • Product subscription possibilities
  • Subscription payment system (Braintree)
  • Blog development
  • Check-out fixes and improvments

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